“Filtron M, on this project, revolves around a concept of layered rhythms emphasizing stimulating world grooves, anchored by free-wheeling bass lines and embellished with dynamic keyboard wizardry. The contributions from special guests add exotic gradations, allowing the production to ascend into creative orbits that go well beyond jazz, fusion or other labels. It is inventive, spontaneous music that will leave listeners clamoring for more.” –

James Nadal allaboutjazz.com May17th 2017

Filtron M is a free-form project by New York based keyboardist, pianist and composer Manu KochKoch has been exposed to numerous genres by touring, performing and recording with many leading figures in contemporary music for the past 25 years. Filtron M draws from this wide-ranging experience resulting in a global network of collaborators which perform and contribute to Koch’s compositions.

The core idea of Filtron M goes back to the formation of his group with Anat Cohen, Guilherme Monteiro, Gustavo Amarante and Harvey Wirht during his Boston years in the late 90’s. After Koch’s official debut album Triple Life (2011) he released the EP Mandatory Underground (2014) which introduces the initial members of Filtron M with Panagiotis Andreou and Patrick Andy on bass, Mauricio Zottarelli and Harvey Wirht on drums, and Sebastian Nickoll and Brahim Fribgane on percussion. The album Astoria Roots Live (2017) features additional guests like Camila Meza, Yaite Ramos, David Barnes, Tamer Pinarbasi and frequent member Samuel Torres, with performances at Iridium in New York and Moods in Zürich.
So far 42 musicians of 24 nationalities have participated at live performances, on recordings and videos.  More information about the concept and evolution of the project can be found in the blog From Triple Life To Filtron M from September 3rd 2018.